Complete solution

Website, bookings and sell products online!

Services for success

The digital economy is much more than a website!


Integrate the booking system with your website and start working with it right away

Online Store

Create a store that allows you to sell your products online, without complications

Customer Base

Create a customer base and design specific programs for regular customers

Digital Marketing

Get the attention of potential customers with advertising for your services/products

The Software

Modernize your business

Schedule, exhibit, sell and organize all the fundamental procedures of your business!

Would you like to automate the procedures related to your activity? Start receiving service appointments now, as well as quote requests for specific and more complex services. Put the paper agenda aside and check your new digital agenda every day..

Scheduling System

Give your customers the opportunity to make their appointments anytime, anywhere.

Online Sales

Sell your products on the internet, without complications. Reach more customers without leaving your home.

Budget Requests

Receive budget requests for specific services (baptisms, weddings, etc.).

Dynamic Forms

Create forms with the desired questions in order to collect all the necessary information.

Document Sharing

Share documents with your customers without them being intercepted or lost during shipping.

Clients Management

Keep your customer base up to date with all the information gathered in the same place.

Dynamic Forms

Is your way of collecting information very confusing? By email, by phone, personal contact? Streamline this process through forms created by you, with the questions you want. Collect any and all information through them, in order to facilitate the storage of the same. Budget requests, documentation requests, contact requests, among others..

Scheduling System

Do you receive late orders? Do customers complain that they only remember to make an appointment after office hours or when they are already in bed? With our scheduling system, booking can be made anytime, anywhere. Confirm or reschedule without having to use mobile phones. The entire procedure is carried out through our platform.

Online Sales (platform)

Increase your range of activity in terms of sales and consequently the number of customers. Sell your products online, through our store and send all the treats to your customers' homes, with the same quality as always. With so many sales, you will need to keep your stock always up to date!

Budget Requests

Do you do services under budget? More complex jobs, home services, etc.? Give your customers the ability to request a quote for any service. Ask all the questions you want answered and get the information you need to make accurate proposals. Your client can accept and/or refuse in the private area, or you can do it for him, in the administration area.

Document Sharing

Invoices, technical sheets of services and/or products. Send this information to your customers, in complete safety, through our file sharing system. Just upload the file to the customer's account, which he can download in the private area. No risk of loss. Simple, practical and confidential.

Clients Management

What products are purchased by a particular customer? What are his usual services? On what day was a certain purchase or service made? Do you need to contact him? All of this information is in the account of the respective client. Contact him through our internal email system (keeping the conversation history). Offer a coupon discount for the number of purchases/services already made.

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