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Receive online orders easily!

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The digital economy is much more than a website!

Online Sale

Make your products available so that your customers can purchase them anywhere, anytime


Don't want to receive payments online? So, only allow orders and payment is made on withdrawal


You can further automate the purchase process, making home deliveries, increasing customer comfort

Multi Establishment

Use the same system to manage all your establishments. All information in one place

The Software

Modernize your business

In addition to being able to simplify and automate the purchasing processes for your customers, allow yourself also to have a digital help with regard to managing your business.

Doubts? Questions? Orders for products that are not on display? All requests can quickly become confusing due to multiple arrival points (email, calls, etc.). Centralize all these requests in the same place, where you can access them without any difficulty.
Make a bigger and better stock flow through internet sales, allowing you to call more customers, offering an excellent service..

Online Sale

Arrive, pick up and take away. They will be the only procedures that the customer will need to carry out


With the customer's address in your possession, it will be easy to deliver the products that the customer has purchased


Allow the ''reservation'' of products through orders that can be picked up at the establishment

Online Payments

Receive payment for the sale/order on the same day, without having to manually confirm that the transition has been made

Submission of Invoices/Brochures

Send this very important information to your customers by uploading it in the reserved area

Discount Coupons

Loyalty customers and special seasons deserve an extra treat. Create discount coupons to apply to certain customers/products

Online Payments

Payments by bank transfer can take up to 3 days, as well as by ATM reference. Allow your customers to have available different types of payment online, which allow you to make the purchase and once they process the transition the money will be in your account just a few minutes later. Thus, a purchase made in the morning can be picked up on the same day, or even after a few hours..

Online Sale

You already sell your products through the counter of your physical store. Great! How about starting to sell on the internet too? Stand out from the competition by resorting to services that are still little known and used so that you can attract more customers and quickly drain your stock of merchandise. Allow customers to shop in the comfort of their own home or even when they are leaving work. Simplify their lives, but also yours.


We would all like to have a market at home, so that after work we still don't have to go shopping. You can facilitate this process through home deliveries. You can set specific days for deliveries or make them every day. Also elaborate different delivery methods, which can be by radius, by kilometer, by location or through a fixed price, regardless of location.


Not comfortable with payments? You can choose to just receive orders and arrange payment for them when the customer comes to pick them up. These orders are registered, being able to notify the customer whenever the status of the order is changed, letting him know when the order is ready for withdrawal.

Sending Invoices

Run out of ink cartridges? Printer does not turn on? Did the customer leave and not take the invoice? Is mailing the new brochure too expensive? Solve this problem through the possibility of uploading the invoice to the customer's account so that the customer can consult and download it at any time. This procedure can be applied to any document, regardless of whether it can be downloaded in the client or internal area (administrator only)

Discount Coupons

Build customer loyalty by offering discount coupons that can be applied during the purchase process. You can apply the coupon only to certain products or throughout the store, as well as it can be used by one, several or all of your customers. It's your choice. Customize and make your customers happy!

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