Services for success

The digital economy is much more than a website!


Integrate the entire system with your website or platform in use

Online Store

Sell your products online and directly to the consumer


Deliver orders thanks to different delivery methods

Digital Marketing

Use the available methods to put your business at the top

The Software

Become the king of digital

Offer a new point of contact with customers. This is your digital counter where your customers can consult products and services, place orders, quote requests and more.

Get closer to your customer through our system. The customer has access to your information 24h / 7, being able to personalize his order in any way he wishes. You just need to give them those conditions..

Dynamic Forms

Request information by creating forms with the exact questions of the information you want to collect (requesting documents, requesting quotes, etc.).

Sending Invoices

Upload the invoices to the customer's account, thus allowing the customer to download them in complete security.

Acceptance of Budgets

Prepare quotes and give your client the possibility to accept and/or refuse them through the client area.

Online Sales

Sell your products online, thus ensuring that your customers never run out of fresh bread.

Online Agenda

Create alerts for tracking customers and/or events in the calendar, in order to be notified daily about them.

Delivery Management

Follow the entire delivery procedure so that customer satisfaction is your only goal.

Online Sales

Allow your customers to buy your products online, in the comfort of their homes, anytime, through any device. Put each of your products online and make them a click away from buyers..

Dynamic Forms

Is your way of collecting information very confusing? By email, by phone, personal contact? Streamline this process through forms created by you, with the questions you want. Collect any and all information through them, in order to facilitate the storage of the same. Budget requests, contact requests, among others.

Sending Invoices

Did you run out of ink cartridges? Is the printer not working? Upload the invoice to the respective customer's account, thus allowing the customer to download it in the customer area. Get everything in order through this feature and don't let anything escape you.

Acceptance of Budgets

Prepare the requested budgets within the platform itself and make them reach the customer in the same way. As soon as the client receive it, he has the possibility to accept and/or refuse it through the private area. By accepting the quote by this means, the customer will be agreeing to the terms and conditions of his business (previously inserted). Privacy and security combined in one place!

Online Agenda

With our calendar, you can enter events, tasks, as well as, procedures to be performed. Create customer follow-ups (such as calls, reminders or any other task to do) so that they are displayed on the calendar so that your professional agenda is always with you. You can be notified daily about the procedures to be elaborated on the day that presents itself so as not to forget anything.

Delivery Management

Make your delivery methods available to your customers so that each one can select the most suitable one. Always be aware of any changes made to the order and also the time when it leaves for delivery, thus knowing where it is.

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