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Customer Portal

It is a portal that allows customers to have a private area, that is, an account reserved for them, where they can carry out various procedures related to the company that provides the portal.
It is not mandatory, however, it is a way to make your customer feel closer to you.

The reserved area is an area linked to the software used by the company, in which the customer can register through your website or through a link that can be shared with it.
In addition to requesting information, the customer can also request quotes, make purchases/reservations of products, request contact, make appointments, among many other features. Noteworthy is the exchange of documentation between the company and the client, carried out quickly and with complete security and confidentiality.


Allow your customers to receive, accept/reject budgets in the customer area, thus automating the entire process from preparation to final response

Personal Data

Page dedicated to the customer's personal data, which can be updated at any time, this update being taken to the customer's account (in backoffice)

Private Documents

Make available, in this area, information only intended for customers, that is, those who do not have access to the reserved area will not have access to this information (contracts, pricing…)

Exclusive Products/Services

Have specific products/services visible only to those who register in the customer area, the rest may be public

Documents Download

Upload documents that must be sent to the customer, through the customer account, making them available in the reserved area to be downloaded by the customer.

Process History

Any request and/or procedure made by the customer will be registered in the reserved area and can be consulted at any time



All content shared through the private area is confidential and will not be located by searches in search engines.



Perform all necessary procedures through a single site. Communicate with the customer without using multiple platforms.



The client area is not transferable. Therefore, you can share exclusive and dedicated information for each customer, without having to generalize.



The client area is accessible from any device with internet access. Therefore, the customer can access it from anywhere.

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