View and prepare proposals anywhere, through any device. Consult the information whenever necessary.

Fast Conversion

Don't keep your customers waiting. Develop a proposal during the meeting and show the client the end result.


With all the information entered in and through our system, it has never been easier to convey security to customers.


Your customers do not need to print any document to accept and/or decline the offer. They can view it through any device and respond in the same way.

Why use it

Online Budgets

It is a software that allows you to streamline and automate the process of requesting, preparing and managing proposals.
This type of software has the necessary conditions for you to prepare proposals quickly and efficiently, thus investing more time in your client, and less on the computer or file.

  • Effectiveness and efficiency in content creation
  • Create payment guides based on your budgets

Proposals can be requested through products that do not allow immediate purchase, or you can choose to prepare forms where you request all the necessary information so that you can prepare your proposal as accurately as possible.

In the case of a product without immediate purchase, you will need to sell it online. In the case of forms, you can only present them to the customer, through your website or any other means of contact, so that they can provide you with the necessary information, without loss and/or forgetting.

  • All budgets are associated with the respective customer - ease of organization
  • Customize the budget to the customer's needs
On Account/Opportunity

Create the requested budget directly in the customer's account, without losing it or making mistakes in the recipient's association

Customer Acceptance

If the customer is unable to accept the budget via software, the admin can do it for him, accepting on his behalf and generating the respective payment slip

Public/Private Acceptance

Depending on how you intend to work, you can give customers the possibility to accept budgets without login or force them to login.


Associate the payment methods you want to give the customer to the budget, and you can select only the ones you want, depending on the type of budget or even the customer itself


Don't just send the budget to the client. Notify him so that he knows that the requested budget is already available for acceptance

Multi Budgets

Create several budgets for the same customer, so that they can accept the most appropriate one and refuse the others

Featured Features

Get to know some of the features

Each business is unique and, as such, our software configurations adapt to each company's needs.

Organization of Budgets

Keep budgets organized in a specific panel for this purpose.

Easy Construction

Disposition and interpretation of items in an easy way

Customer Area

Customers can accept and/or decline budgets in their respective private areas.

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