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The digital economy is much more than a website!


Allow your customers to contact you and schedule workshop visits through the website, thanks to the integration

Customers and Cars

Keep track of your recurring customers in order to offer a specialized and complete service


Send personalized quotes to your customers, so they know what to expect

Customer Area

Provide a customer area where they can perform various procedures and download invoices

The Software

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The future is now

If there are days when cars line up outside the workshop, there are other days when customers arrive in droppers. Put an end to this difficulty in managing the time of maintenance services thanks to the possibility of scheduling visits to the workshop. Forget about storing on paper reviews and interventions carried out in a vehicle and organize all that information in one place. Keep your customer history always up to date, so you don't miss any details

With us, your repair shop will provide a safe environment for your customers and/or potential customers to access your services, and where you and your employees will give all the support to the customer's needs..

Online Scheduling

Organize the arrival of each vehicle with advance bookings so that you are neither stopped nor overloaded.

Maintenance/Procedures Record

Record all the procedures carried out in the vehicle of a specific customer so that you don't forget what has already been done.

Provision of Services

Show your customers all the services provided so that they can select your workshop as their next stop.

Costumer Area

Provide a reserved area for your customers, through which they can access exclusive information.

Budget Requests

Receive quote requests for more complex and/or long-term services.

Administration Area

Through the administrator area, control all your company's information so that it is always properly organized.

Costumer Area

Offer your customers the possibility of having a reserved area through which they can make appointments, download invoices, have access to exclusive documentation (regulations, promotions, pricing, etc), among other features. Make your customer feel more special and accompanied through all the information that can be shared in this area..

Online Scheduling

Certainly, it has happened to you that you have little work on a given day and have no hands to measure the next day. Let's better organize your schedule through online scheduling. Allow your customers to schedule a visit, anytime, anywhere. Appointments can be made automatically or after confirmation. Choose the method that best suits your way of working and let's do it!

Maintenance/Procedures Record

Can't remember what oil you put on the last customer visit? Or what equipment is used to repair a particular problem? At each visit, make a record of all the procedures carried out in the vehicle. So, on the next visit, just check the previous records to know exactly what steps to take.

Provision of Services

Because it is always important to have all the services you perform in your establishment exposed. Thus, it prevents customers from looking too much and knowing right away that the right choice is yours!

Budget Requests

Specific and complex services? Services lasting a little longer? So that no one is surprised, make quote requests possible. Thus, by collecting all the information, you will be able to draw up an exact quote and send it to your client, so that he can know what to expect. The quotes, in addition to being sent through our platform, can also be accepted/rejected in the client area.

Administration Area

Do you have a paper diary to schedule visits? And a cover with all the interventions? A dossier with each customer's insurance or any other crucial information for your business? Gather everything in the same place and access any of this information through your administration area. Easy, practical and takes no place.

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