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Your restaurant in the digital economy

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The digital economy is much more than a website!


Receive orders for meals, ready to deliver to the consumer


Accept table reservations for current dinners or special events


Do you have home deliveries? Use the software to manage deliveries and processing


Make your online menu available to your customers so they know what to expect

The Software

What you were looking for

Give your customers the possibility to interact with you through the comfort of home, integrating your business into the digital economy

Make your establishment easier to manage, allowing you to access and manage all customer-related information, such as accepting table reservations, ordering meals, receiving payments and much more. Offer discounts for the loyalty of your customers and make them happier!

Install the software in all your establishments and receive orders organized without mixing up information..

Online Bookings

Let go of the phone and let your customers make table reservations anytime, anywhere, with one click.

Take Away

Allow your customers to order the meals they want. Receive, prepare, notify and that's it, come get it.


Do you have home deliveries? Your customer only needs to order and enter the address. The system takes care of calculating the distance and its total value.


Birthday or Christmas parties? Your customers can ask for a quote for certain events. Develop and submit. They just need to accept it.

Booking Calendar

Don't take the risk of booking the same table twice, on the same day, at the same time. Through bookings on the calendar, there will be no overlapping of information.

Integrated Website

Have the software and the website in the same place, getting both easily with just one click. One platform, many services.

Budget Requests

Has it ever happened to you that a certain number of people want to go to celebrate an event at your restaurant and you don't have available the dishes that customers would like to order? Don't be caught by surprise again. With the possibility of requesting quotes through dynamic forms, fully customizable, let your customers enter all the necessary information in order to have everything prepared for when they enter your door. What's more, this way, customers will not be surprised with the total amount to pay, as it has already been transmitted to them before..

Online Booking

The restaurant is full and, suddenly, a group of 15 people walks through the door. As there is no space to place them, they will have to wait or, in the worst case, look for another restaurant. Well then, we tell you that it doesn't need to happen again. Allow your customers to make table reservations, through a procedure where they can enter the number of people, the desired dishes and all the information you need to make a reservation. Don't get caught off guard.

Take Away Service

With less and less time to cook, people resort to the so-called take-away. Make this procedure available to your customers and allow them to order the meal anywhere, through any device. On your side, notify the customer whenever the status of the order is changed as well as the fact that it is already ready for pickup.

Delivery Service

Do you make home deliveries? Then we have the perfect solution. When ordering, the customer enters the respective address (which reduces the risk of misunderstandings) so that the courier delivers at the right point. Draw up delivery prices that can be fixed, by location, by radius or by kilometer. More personalized, there isn't!

Booking Calendar

Have you ever had overlapping reservations? Don't let that happen again. Thanks to the reservation calendar, they are automatically registered, not allowing more reservations to be made, on that day, at that time, for that table. He avoids embarrassing phone calls where he has to say that, after all, there was already a reservation and that they will have to cancel the second one.

Integrated Website

Do you need to make a change to the website and software? This implies accessing one platform and then another. Save time and have both systems in one place. With the integrated website system you can make changes with just one login. The entire system is designed to be handled in a way that does not require programming knowledge, allowing you to make changes to your website without depending on professionals in this area.

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